The Sools is the premier real estate company in South Florida, boasting expertise and full service for all of your real estate needs. Whether you require assistance in sales or purchases or property management, your one stop real estate shop is right here. We guarantee results. 

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The Sool's LLC

1707 E Hallanadale Beach Blvd, Hallanadale Beach, Fl 33009

Tel: 954-640-9111         


Office open only to Receive payments and Emergency 

Direct Lines Monday to Friday 9 Am to 5.30 Pm

1- Payments:  954-636-5921
2- Maintenance:
     A- Appliances and A/C  954-636-8142
     B- Other Problems         954-636-8012
3- Renewals:   954-636-8142
4- Sales:          954-338-8919
5- Rentals:      954-636-7993                    

Emergency Line: 954-372-7040

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